Wherever you need it to go, however fast you need it to get there, we can deliver.

Sure we can.

Express Delivery – Express Delivery – worried about the transit time of your material? Well, RL Logistic is the solution. A continuous movement of our vehicles enables us to overcome all inefficiencies such as delay in delivery of material. Few examples of transit time are, from Delhi NCR to Mumbai 36 hours, from Delhi to Chennai 72 hours, Delhi to Kalkatta 60 hours etc.

We deliver the goods within the stipulated hours with the help of our company owned containerized vehicles in FTL mode, a dedicated operations team and no transshipment and load adjustment. Our aim is to provide quality express movement; hence we guarantee complete safety and security of material by sealing the vehicles.

With our express services you can imbibe benefits like reduced inventory, tracking with the help of GPS enabled containers, MIS as per customer requirement etc and take your business to greater heights.